Dark Gardening

Dark Gardening

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My novel Dark Gardening can be purchased through the publisher.


 The book was previously published as 'Spiritual Philosophy: the Novel' in November 2011, but has now been substantially revised and improved.

 The original inspiration for the novel came from the story of the Indian Mystic Krisnamurti. He was 'discovered' as a young boy in 1909 on a beach in Adyar, India by the leader of the Theosophy society Charles Leadbeater. Leadbeater, whose interest in the boy may not have been entirely spiritual, had Krishnamurti sent to England, where he was groomed for the position of World Teacher, the Messiah figure predicted by Theosophical cosmology. As an adult, Krishnamurti rejected this role, though he continued to write and teach on spiritual, philosophical and educational matters throughout his long life.  My intention was to take the bones of this story and transfer it to Britain in more or less  moderrn times. The  central question I began with was this: what would happen if an ordinary working class teenager was picked out seemingly at random by a mysterious and charismatic stranger and told that he was to be a figure comparable in human history with Jesus and the Buddha? 

As any writer knows, no story goes according to plan; if it did so it would in all likelihood turn out to be a rather flat, drab and lifeless affair. A good novel should emerge almost unconsciously from the soul of the writer. Spiritual Philosophy took me almost three years to write, the bulk of it between 06.00 and 07.30 each morning before getting ready for work. The basic New Messiah theme was retained, but many other ideas and themes emerged in the telling of the story. What I ended up with, I think, was an intelligent, amusing, poignant, multi-viewpoint exploration of the nature of belief, the myth of an unchanging Self, the life affirming joy of personal creativity, and the unreliability of personal testimony as a guide to Truth. Not everyone will 'get it', it is not a book aimed at a mass, general readership. But my experience so fas is that those that do, really do. Feedback, so far, has been exellent.

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