Revolver - Roctober

The Revolver, consisting of myself and Mike Anderson, existed as a home-recording, and occasionally live performing entity, from January 1979 to October 1980. We reformed as Roctober in 1983, this musical incarnation lasting until 1988, after which point Mike and I lost touch. Having re-established contact, the two of us have recently had the great pleasure of re-discovering our old cassettes, and preserving them in a digital format. On the following pages are three sets of memeoir: the Revolver 1979 - 1980; Revolver in Shetland 1980-81, written by Mike; and the story of the Roctober period. During 2014, we plan to make a selection of our music commercially available. I will post the link to each new release at the bottom of this page.

 Links to our Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter pages can be found at the end of the 'From Far Away to Shetland: the Revolver Story 1979 - 1980 page.

Now Available:



The Revolver, All Saints Hall, Grimsby, July 1980