Matt Tees Explosion

Reaching back to the sound of late '70's early '80's Grimsby punk as it should have sounded.

1) Beyind the Laceby By-Pass

Concerns the proud insularity of the average Grimbarian.

2) 3A On Matchday

The 3A being the best bus to get from Grimsby Town Centre to Blundel Park when the lads were playing at home.

3) (Grimsby Born) Duncan McKenzie

The Grimsby Evening Telegrath has never been able to restrain itself from pointing out that any person who is even slightly well known outside of Grimby is Grimsby Born, just so long as they are. Another example is (Grimsby Born) Actress Patricia Hodge. This song is about the great flare player of the '70's and '80's who sadly never diid get to wear the black and white stripes of his home town.

4) I Climbed the Dock Tower

The kind of raw, avant-minimalism which the average Grimsby person rightly distains.