Update 26/112016 

New Life Rising, the third in my five volume cycle of autobiographical albums is now available as a download. Also available on iTunes, Spotify and other music streaming outlets. This volume deals with my childhood years 1962 - 1979. For more information about these songs see the separate 'New Life Rising' page. 


(Update 30.04.2016)

Wheels on a Suitcase, my follow up to last years Bus Long Gone is now available through Amazon to download. Whereas the previous album featured songs based around my life in the nineteeen eighties, this new work, which is much more stripped down musically, concentrates on the 'Manchester years' between me leaving Grimsby and moving to Liverpool in 2003. the nineteen nineties. Inspired by my friend Michael Andersons ongoing cycle of albums, I plan a further three autobiographical musical collections. The next will be based around my childhood in the 1960's and '70's, after that I will tackle 'Ancestors' anchored in my Family Tree research, and finally, sometime around 2019. I will bring the story up to date.



 A new version of Today, a song I first wrote when I was 17, released November 10th 2015. Early versions are already available, on Revolver Ten from 1980 and Roctober One from 1984 (see below), but I thought the song was worthy of a modern, solo revamp.


New album released April 28 2015

Also available (includes Shetland, our first new recording in 27 years!)


And my solo stuff:

My Home Recorded musical output falls into four distict phases. The music I recorded with Mike Anderson under the name Revolver between 1979 and 1980, and then again with Mike under the name Roctober 1983-1987. Extensive memoirs of these periods are on this site. Then, apart from a small number of songs recorded in the nineties, there was a long gap until I resumed writing and recording my own songs in the early 2000's. The 'Four Track years' recordings span 2002 - 2005, with my fourth and, so far, last period of musical activity comprising the digital recordings made between 2005 and 2007. During the course of 2014, selections from all of periods of my recording were made available to buy online in both MP3 Downloads and CD format. At that time, I also commenced work on a Roctober 2 album with my old partner from the 1980's Michael Anderson. But as good old Macca used to say Re' a Beatles reunion, 'You can't re-heat a soufffle.' The songs I wrote for this aborted effort eventually emerged as the album Bus Long Gone under the name Tony Green and his New Machine, my first new material since 2008, and, arguably, my best.b This album now forms the first part of an intended five volume cycle of autobiographical albums.  

Links to whatever is currently available are featured on this page.