My novel Special is now published.


Special is a Family Saga with a difference.

It is the story of Annie, a mixed race woman with a learning disability, covering the period from her birth into a working class family in 1950’s Liverpool to her death fifty years later. We follow Annie as she is moved from the family home to the large, prison-like institution of Mandelstones. This becomes her world for much of the next quarter of a century. As she grows from a child to a woman, we see Annie experience adventure, abuse, friendship, love, rejection, and finally, in the last years before her death, acceptance and belonging back within the by now much changed working class community of Liverpool. The story is seen through Annie’s eyes and told with her uniquely simple yet profound voice. The novel is light and easy to read, yet explores multiple themes, such as changing attitudes to race and disability; the struggles and moral compromises that poor families raising a family had and still have to make, and the false assumptions that are still routinely made about people with a learning disability. It’s a gritty, realistic, hard-hitting novel that is moving, funny, and thought provoking without being preachy.

It is based on the Author’s more than twenty years experience of working within the field of Social Care.