Wheels on a Suitcase

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 It is the follow up to last years Bus Long Gone and is intended to form a part of a five album musical autobiography. Whereas BLG concentrated on my life from the late '70's to the late '80's, this collection focusses on the period between my leaving Grimsby for Manchester in 1990 and Manchester for Liverpool in 2003. Here is the track listing with brief notes.

1) I'm Leaving Home

literally about my leaving Grimsby.

2) Dreaming of Melody Drive.

Originally I was to begin my student life in Manchester residing with a family in a place which was indeed called Melody Drive. I had a small but comfortable room overlooking a beautiful lake. I figured I could be happy there, but after two nights my hosts decided that they didn't really have room for me at all. I never found out why, but the empty bottles of Martin bedside  and ashtray full of half-smoked roll ups on my bedside table probably didn't help. At least they paid for me to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights until I sorted myself out. I like the analogue, electronic throb effect I achieved on this song, like something the BBC Radiophonic Workshop might have come up with in the sixties.

3) Stranger in a Strange Land

Acoustic blues. Basically about the difficulty of settling into a new city. The title is taken from Robert Heinlein's classic SF novel.

4) Sometimes Sexual Chemistry Drives a Man Insane.

I had two good friends in Grimsby in the late 80's whom I met through the Anti-Poll-Tax movement. Let's call them 'R' and 'H'. I continued to see 'H' up until the mid '90's and 'R' right up until 2005. They always had a bit of a destructive Fatal Attraction thing going on. Much more destructive for 'R' as he ended up in a psychiatric hospital whereas 'H' merely moved to Stockport. This is a Dylanesque ballad about the two of them, with, I think, some wryly amusing lyrics.

5) December 11th, 1993.

In the mid '90's I wrote this short poem about the day my dad died. It seemed a shame not to use it. After various experiments with 'Noise' type backing, I finally settled on a sparse White Album style finger picking accompaniment, with authenticity added by me periodically tooting appropriately into my dad's very own harmonica.

6) Blue Jumper, Yellow Cup/Zen and the Art of Helping.

Zen and the Art of Helping was a book that helped and inspired me immensely when I first got into Social Care Work in 1994. There were originally a lot more words to this, but in the end I decided that the simple repetition of the two central refrains, backed a trance like organ accompiniment best summed up the experience of Autism, my prime area of social care work at that time. The 'Old Lord Buddha of Buxton' phase refers to a Buddhist retreat I went on in Buxton around about 1995, where, of all people, Lord Longford was also in attendance.

7) Mike is Dead

I've been toying with this song for a while, eventually cutting it down to the to a mainly piano based chorus. It's about the absence of my erstwhile friend and partner Michael Anderson throughout the period covered by the album.

8) Havana Night

The mid to late '90's was a period of easy credit and mass holidays I couldn't afford. This is about two lovely weeks spent in Cuba, June 1996, mostly in the company of the even more lovely Omaida Aviles.

9) New Millennium.

About the joys of seeing in the said Millennium alone and sober, and the doing of nothing much but staying sober during the year that followed.

10) Muse

My relations with first Val and then Hilary between 2001 and 2005 where the catalysts for getting me back into writing songs after a lengthy break. This is a tongue in cheek look at the role that relationships can play as creative inspiration, often their most enduring legacy.

11) The Beast

The Beast is a concept in Rational Recovery, the technique I used to give up alcohol. It's essentially a way of differentiating your true self from the addictive voice which can so easily lead you back on the road to self-destruction. I actually wrote this in 2002, but never properly recorded it. Happy to have it out there now,

And that's it, a much more stripped down collection than Bus Long Gone. Hope someone likes it. Now looking forward to getting on with my '60's/'70's childhood album....